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Thursday, July 18th 2019


Board Sandwiches & Toasts 

Bacon, Tomato & Avocado w/ mayo 10 

BBQ Pork w/ celery seed slaw 12

Chicken Salad sandwich 12

Tuna Salad sandwich 12

Egg Salad sandwich 10

Turkey Avocado sandwich 12

Whole Wheat Pizza w/ tomato sauce, duck confit & burrata 10/lb


Morrocan spiced Kale chickpea soup w/ roasted chciken (chicken stock) 6/9 

Coconut & Carrot w/ ginger (vegetable stock) 6/9 

Signature Salads 

Organic baby kale Caesar w/ house-made Acme bread croutons & Parmesan 12/lb
Organic grass-fed steak salad w/ Pt. Reyes blue cheese,
caramelized onions, shaved almonds & sherry vinaigrette 14/lb

Salads of the Day 

Nectarine & Red Cabbage w/ peppers, fennel & nigella dressing 12/lb

Chopped Salad w/ asparagus, corn, gooseberries, nuts & seeds 10/lb

Melon & Avocado w/ spicy nasturtium salsa & almonds 14/lb


Pork Roast w/ grilled peaches, maple & sherry 25/lb

Wild Rice w/ swiss chard 10/lb

Creamed Corn w/ jalapeno & shallots 12/lb

Crispy Shrimp w/ tartar sauce 27/lb

Braised Kale w/ tomatoes, onion, feta cheese & avocado 12/lb

Meraki fried chicken 12/lb